LISSY Registration Process

Access Eligibility

LIS is required to control access to the LIS and LWS microdata due to data access restrictions in most participating countries:

Use of the microdata is for scholarly, research or educational purposes only

Use of the microdata for commercial purposes is never permitted

Users eligibility varies according to their status

All students in any country may access LIS/LWS microdata for FREE. If you are researcher, free access to microdata depends upon whether the country of your affiliation or your supranational organisation is a financial contributor to LIS. Check the eligibility chart HERE to know whether you are subject to an individual user fee.

Note that user fee depends upon the income classification of your country based on per-capita GNI.

Low-income Middle-income High income/Supranational
€187.50/quarter (€750/year)  €375/quarter (€1500/year) €750/quarter

Check  Worldbank Country Income classification of the country of your affiliaton. If you wish to arrange payment, please contact:

Registration and Renewal

Prior to use LISSY, eligible users must complete online the LIS Microdata User Registration application. After examination of the application, users may receive via email with their LISSY account to access LISSY.

The LISSY account is granted for one calendar year. It must be renewed by 01 January in order to keep working with the LIS databases.


  • Do not register twice with LISSY even though, for instance, you have moved to another institution. When your LISSY expires take the opportunity of the renewal process to update your personnal information
  • Would you need to change your registered email(s), please send an email to User Support