LIS Microdata User Agreement

Terms of Use

All registered users of the microdata agree to the following terms of use:

  • to use the microdata only for scholarly, research, or educational purposes;
  • never to use the microdata for commercial purposes;
  • to follow strict rules of confidentiality in the use of the microdata;
  • never to try to ascertain the identity of persons or households from the microdata;
  • never to attempt to view, examine, or print individual records at either the person or household level;
  • never, under any circumstances, to reveal their user ID and/or password to any person other than to a member of the LIS staff;
  • to submit, to the LIS Working Papers series, any papers that are produced using the LIS microdata;
  • to abide by the LIS policy for citation;
  • to confirm that any personal information submitted to LIS is accurate;
  • to inform LIS, without delay, of any changes in status, including educational or employment status.

Registered users should understand that a breach of any of the provisions of the LIS Microdata User Agreement, the details of which are listed above, will lead to immediate termination of access to all LIS services, either temporarily or permanently, at the discretion of the LIS staff. Serious offenses may result in legal action.